PBO Shared Web Container

This server is designated for online availability of data files, imagery, meta data, graphs, and other supporting artifacts. These files are made available for HTTP access which supports other web applications and systems that require this form of file transport. Additional files and services are planned to be available from this system in the future.

PBO Web Cameras:
The Plate Boundary Observatory has deployed multiple cameras at various instrument stations loacted in Alaska and the western United States. These cameras automatically capture images from the station locations, which are transfered to this server where they are made available for distribution.
PBO Station Web Camera Directory Listing

PBO Charts and Graphs:
The Plate Boundary Observatory collects data on various instruments located at stations throughout Alaska and the western United States. This data is then processed for image generation of graphs and charts that provide a visual display of intstrument or equipment performance.

PBO Station Graph Listing


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